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Partnering with cREAtive Castle Studios

cREAtive Castle Studios' sole objectives are to focus on the strengths of our partnered artists to HELP these creative specialists' REACH their FULL POTENTIAL CREATIVELY & FINANCIALLY by saving them immeasurable time & money in marketing, promotions, packaging & increased passive income earnings. We also Help clients find creative talent faster And by using our network, we can develop in house projects that can be distributed independently with unlimited creative control. And best of all, we can provide information, teachings and art that will help provide others with knowledge that can not only educate people why freelancers are worth what their worth, but also to counteract the negative energies of the world.

Creative Specialists: The digital age is upon us! The market has shifted to mainly online and lots of artists and businesses are scrambling to stay on top of their momentum. Most older marketing and promoting techniques are outdated and the new, trendy & functional techniques are now and in the future, rapidly changing. So how is one freelancer going to work their current commission, have a job waiting for them, look for more work, promote themselves online, market their completed works to monetize and also keep full creative control, all by themselves? Sure, if the freelancer has the money, they can hiring a marketer to do the work for them, but how many marketers know the full world of the entertainment industry? Generally little to none, because they are marketers and they know marketing, but do they know every aspect of the freelancer artists' daily work habits or understand where they are creatively coming from? Can they help the artist package a deal or help them develop their own projects as well with other like-minded artists? Can they help the artist improve their skills or create custom ways to create passive income? Do they have the artists' best interest at heart? And how much would it cost? The walls seem very stacked against the freelance artist nowadays. 

It's very important for a freelancer (you) to stay on top of your promotions, marketing or advertising yourself or you may get drowned out or be a "needle in a haystack" for all the content that is currently being mass produced by the high quality affordable equipment available to the masses nowadays. Many people don't know the reasoning behind our skills, wondering why our rates are high or not sure why average appealing content keeps flooding the media and we're here to explain that to these people and bring forth back original, creative & special works of art that seem to be all but a forgotten memory.

Not only that, as a freelancer, if your portfolio website is not constantly being "force fed" traffic, you're likely not ranked or even appreciated by search engines which means some of the only people seeing your work or website are external links of your work or you telling someone to view it. Internet is key to being seen and "discovered" these days and without a strong ranking website, you're not getting anywhere close to the amount of exposure you could and should be getting and potentially losing endless amounts of job leads because of it. Are you even aware of the rapidly changing algorithms and rules of each social media page, how to generate traffic to your site for the cheapest rates possible, keywords in your content, how to make passive income or what causes people to immediately leave websites, etc..?  Even if you do, being showcased with the best of your work next to other artists that are at your same skill level or even higher, will improve social approval of your own works and add integrity for any package deals or random traffic that may end up on the site looking to hire you or many artists at a time. 

This organization is meant to help you achieve your full potential as an artist using the many techniques listed below, which is far more work than a single person can do daily or in a lifetime. As freelancers, it should be general knowledge that you have a better chance of success by sticking together in an organized partnership with like-minded individuals than by "reaching for the stars" by yourself. We can draw inspiration from each other, have benefits of each other's skills for collaborations, easier to package large projects, less headache in marketing & social promotions, have a team that builds around what you do best, evolve your skill faster with full creative control and have amazing benefits by referring work to the team all the while earning more profits because of it. One-stop-creative-shop. Whether or not you're an established creative freelancer or newer to the industry, as long as you're a creative specialist, this partnership is meant for you. 

Partnership = Extra Work, In house Production, Distribution & Community w/ 100% Creative Control

We solve freelancers', BUSINESSES' & Productions' creative problems all in one fell swoop!

Based on 100% of the creative specialists we talked to, they simply do not have enough time in the day to focus on their jobs at the highest level, come home, market themselves on social media, look for their next gig, try to monetize on the backend with their existing content or products and do it all at the highest capacity. It's especially hard to reach full income potential when dealing with unprofessional clients or trying to negotiate the best rates for themselves without feeling underpaid & under-appreciated. (These are all full time jobs on top of their creative specialty. Chances are they're a needle in a haystack when it comes to marketing and their efforts are barely scratching the surface.) It's also extremely hard to master their creative crafts, find their next job (unless they're referral heavy), post social media consistently and with the knowhow for ultimate exposure and then build, update and drive traffic to their website & advertise with the best cost and time efficiency. Sounds a little hectic, eh? 

Even if only one of the above choices can help you out, this entire organization is built to help you succeed as a freelance artist in any way, shape or form. We're not here to stamp a "brand" on your work and call it ours, it truly is yours. We're here to help you maintain consistency, integrity, growth and production of your creative skills and allow you to reach your full potential faster and with far less obstacles in your path. Even if you're a "celebrity talent" this is STILL for you. 

A Visual Example of "Cookie Cutter" aka "Safe Bet" Formula

Being Unique - As human beings, have the ability to adapt to our surroundings and after while, the new surrounding becomes the norm. In perspective, if everybody was positive all the time and one negative person causes some havoc, the energy will eventually feed into another person and they may find it acceptable to also be negative. Then with two negative people spreading their energies, it will start to spread until everybody is doing it and it becomes "the norm". Human nature also has a way of balancing itself out, and those negatives energies can and will be counteracted by those with a steady, consistent ideal of a positive first mind-set no matter how much negative energies are swirling around them. 

The Entertainment industry "is failing" mainly due to money hungry corporate studios controlling "the flow" of the large scale content produced. When they control most of what you see, hear, the people adapt and spend the money on what's in front of them. This doesn't give much of a chance for the individual artist to get their works out, because "nobody" is really representing them in a manner that allows their visions to be expressed without being washed of the message. If people see more creative arts, they will have a chance to decide what they want to invest in instead of being forced to choose from a few selections that are built for their profits, but not so much their appreciation. (Adapting to the surroundings, typical human nature.) 

When "copycatting / cookie cutter" becomes the cultural norm, the artists are not pushing themselves using their talents to their full capabilities, as they are basically copying another style and getting paid; very little creativity (or little message) involved. If "taking a chance" wasn't a prime factor in the entertainment industry, then how did (Reservoir Dogs, Trainspotting, A Clockwork Orange, Evil Dead, Fight Club) ever get made and become cult hits? (Take the same scenario for any art field, especially music, comics & anime, and see the pattern? Each deserves it's separate breakdown on how it's currently failing the world of entertainment but the similarities are the same.) The bottom line is, the industry's idea of "quality content" is becoming lesser and lesser ideal for the true creative, that wants to have a say about how their art is produced and showcased. After all, the world of entertainment is paid for by the fans and if they don't appreciate the "same ol' same ol'" every time around, they have and will direct their attention elsewhere. 

1) A perspective blog by GQ writer on how the movie industry is failing. 

2) A point of view by blogger about why they think Movies are not being made correctly. 

3) The studios are 'cooking the books' so they don't have to pay their talent. 

4) Comic books writers & creators not getting paid by the studios that are adapting their creations to films. 

Examples of how the Entertainment industry is failing in these three art forms due to GREED. (Yes! If films are being produced first for money and second for art, this is GREED at work.)



- CD sales are mostly non-existant and too many illegal downloads. 

- Artists only earning a small fraction from plays on Pandora, Spotify, Youtube while these companies milk the artist for all they're worth. 

- Too many "musicians" with cheap equipment and no study claim to be professional which lowers quality levels drastically and creates a "needle in a haystack" formula for the trained artists. 

Comics / Graphic Novels
- Amazing cover art with mediocre inside art (We're paying mainly for the art, not the story.)

- Overpricing the products with less than top notch creative quality. (Prices going up, quality going down.)

Movies / TV 
- Adaptions, Repeats, Reboots, Re-Imaginings, Remakes (Where did all the originality go? With this content flooding the market with millions & billions of $$ backing them, how does the artist get their brilliant original works, made? What are the chances the artist has the assets to create these pieces to reach full potential without the aid of a studio that will suck the art from it?

- Rising Ticket & Concession Costs

- Movie & TV Selections = too many safe bet projects currently being made, not built around what fans want and pure creative control of the artists (same ol' same ol') (Most generations that grew up in 80's and before understand this better than those that grew up in the mid-late 90's since the artists then had to be "on point" or it wouldn't get seen, especially with no internet.)

- Streaming Options (just too many mediocre quality choices, but a lot is same ol' same ol' due to ability for anybody to quickly create and push content online without full training or integrity.)

-Technology at home is amazing so theatrical releases aren't doing as well. Everybody stays home.

- Artists not getting paid their residuals since studios & distributors claim they are not profiting by claiming all "profits" are lost in marketing costs. 

- Most large studios "umbrella" their businesses and buying the smaller production companies, which means they still have creative control over them as well.

- *The Market is flooded with content in all art forms due to easy accessibility of equipment and online schooling/tutorials. When this happens, supply and demand drops and rates also drop drastically and with it, the expectation levels of clients and the general public. Trained professionals such as ourselves are now struggling to get paid the same rates we did years ago and with steady economy inflation, it's extremely hard to stay afloat. 

*Bottom Line, it's extremely hard for a freelance creative to get their project made with their visions being fully accessed because the power of the entertainment industry is not built around the artists vision, but to make profits. Those that want to make art with messages don't generally get seen by the public or the press, media & studios will not help to generate public interest. This leaves the possibility of the artists work up to them alone to get the work seen, appreciated and monetize, pay the bills & look for work. Now it seems like an impossible wall to climb, unless the freelancers with the same mind-set choose to bond together in unity and use each other's assets to create the projects they want with full creative control and the means to gain finances and distribute their work, seeing full profits of their works. 

There is nothing more important than being unique and being an artist. We're the only people the world can really "listen to" without being told. People really don't listen to people telling them something, they want to figure it out for themselves. What do artists do? Tell stories or explain things in their own unique, creative ways. It seems the corporate world is watering down what we're capable of just to make a quick buck. If you've noticed how the arts and entertainment business in the commercial world has started dwindling during the recent years and people are paying more attention to underground art? More remakes, more reboots, repeats, re-imaginings and adaptions with little to few cult hits being made these days. (Cult hits = fans overly obsessed with the rareness of the piece). Let's change that... be unique. Make them want more!

We'll no longer need to "fight" for theatrical releases (and same with other art forms distribution outlets) solely for the safe bet ROI for investors. We can become our own investors or use the large access of the internet & crowd-funding for our projects and have FULL CONTROL over how we market them, where & how we monetize off them and have full control over every aspect of each project. No more copycatting, no more cookie cutter, but pure art with whatever message we're trying to tell. The fans, especially the die-hard fans, are MUCH more interested and engaged in content that touches them emotionally & personally with originality in mind. By using the assets of each creative talent and combining them into one, we can access and reach out to a much larger fanbase, create a full fledged production company that is capable of creating any form of art and distributing it any way we want, while crediting & promoting the specific talent for their hard work with benefits of owning your own content. 

If skeptical, please do plenty of research (Google, Forums, Projected Numbers) and there is more than enough information to prove these points. Whether you believe it or not, the focus of this organization is to help you reach your full potential as an artist, earn more income doing it and not getting "taken for a chum" in the process aka Fair and Equality for all. We want to help you become a better artist with a voice that can kill the negative vibes of the world and spread truth and awareness. Not only that, but freelancers have a better chance at survival if we "team up" and get each other's backs than if we're all individuals fighting to stay afloat day to day. On top of that, haing access to this talent pool is like a "gold mine" to Producer's and Investors alike. The investors and other productions (whoever they are) will have their red flags lowered at the sight of a consistent, well developed organization with some of the best creative talent in the industry that provide only the best quality. Their needs are met with a better chance of ROI on their investment and it's easier for the Producer to package bigger and more substantial deals with more talent to provide in these circumstances.

The power of an artist is to provide their perspectives & visions through art but the ideas of a corporate studio is to use the talent to profit. For the same exact reasons that the world has not agreed to focus on clean energy in solar power, electric cars stop using fossil fuels and oil (which are absolutely, positively destructive to the environments) because of profits, the freelance artists are not being positioned to use their arts to help better the world and it's perspectives. 

In general, people aren't as willing to spend their hard earned dollars on the same thing they've been seeing for the past 10 years in a regurgitated format. But they're willing to invest in stuff they love: new, creative, inspiring and clever, original works not prepped for "for general audience - mainly ages 8-17, which a majority of current commercial market works are created for, since they earn the most $$$). What about us adults?? And why are people becoming more famous from low-quality hateful Vines & Meme's than artists that have spent their lives developing their skill-sets? 

Please see below how the puzzle pieces will all fit together in attempts to fix these issues state above.


- Tired of "cookie cutter" industry tactics that water down the arts solely for money

- A sleek & professional Portfolio showcasing the best of you & your work

- Have an expert do your SEO, PR, Social Media & Marketing Campaigns with consistency

- Need more commissions / services work

- Want extra exposure

- Need someone to negotiate higher rates for you

- Tired of dealing with flaky clients 

- Earn more passive income

- Need a diverse distribution channel to monetize your work

- Want to be part of a like-minded specialist community production team that makes their projects in house

- Want to have the connections to get any content created while having creative control

- Want to be an executive producer of your own projects

- You want to make movies, music, art or other creative forms and outlet it to the world to achieve maximum potential without "selling out"

the power of partnership

Imagine this:   You're a "one-person-army" competing with the rest of the freelance world for the same job. You may even have your work listed on 5-10 external sites so you can constantly look for work; but those sites have thousands of other artists with the same skill-set as you following also following same pattern. It's a needle in a haystack scenario at best. You have no choice but to negotiate a lower rate just to get your next job because you need to pay the bills and time is running out. By doing this, it lowers the standard median rates for the industry because now the expectation level is lower and now the industry must hustle a bit more for the work. You probably make little to passive income off your work through your own website existing content, likely because you don't know how to, have time, or have money to spend on marketing yourself (which can easily cost thousands of dollars) or your brand identity. You might even have a client who agreed to pay for your services but then didn't, or was late; maybe you even did half the work in the process. You finish the job and haven't updated your portfolio in a month or two because you haven't had time and meanwhile, because of inconsistent marketing, people "forgot" about you and your services.  Bottom line, your business skills are not consistent to reach your full potential and without consistency, businesses often fail miserably.

If you could have someone take care of all the "headaches" of this scenario for you allowing you to work on your craft and become an expert (if you're not already), that would allow for a lot more joy in your life, higher earnings and a consistent, smooth sailing future for your creative mind.

*Celebrity Talent (or any talent) - Let's say you have 100,000 followers on social media and you "did it yourself". Why don't you have 500,000? Most celebrity talent nowadays hires a marketer or has learned this skill over 20+ years but that long ago, the internet wasn't as much of an aspect to marketing as it is now. These marketers, do they have a full grasp of the entertainment industry or are they "just marketers" using the same tactics they do for any company? If you don't utilize the internet to it's full potential, you're absolutely missing out on reaching larger checkpoints in your potential overall game plan.

*(We've noticed a celebrity talent had 293K followers on Facebook, yet every time they posted, they only received about 5-20 likes. This is due to ineffective marketing, inconsistent social media presentation, and paid marketers that have no clue what they're doing. We tried to explain to them that even though they're consistently making money for their work because they've been doing it since before the industry moved to the internet, they have little to no exposure online. Not only that, but they had created original works that have now become iconic pieces in the industry which sold for half a million dollars but didn't see a piece of the profits because the studios didn't offer them any backend points or residuals. These are scenarios that can definitely be avoided in the future by partnering with us.)

You can NEVER have too much marketing in a business!

"You can have the BEST product in the world but if nobody knows about it...EXPAND YOUR REACH!"

Now Imagine THIS:  Your commissions rate is higher than when you were working solo and you now have time to focus on your craft 100% of the time. You learn new tricks of the trade faster and your skills enhance at an above average rate. The quality of your work goes up which generates more referrals and third party leads; because people have begun to hear more about your work ethic and style. Your portfolio, managed by us, is now being seen much more than your personal website would ever have been; mainly from the direct traffic it's receiving from our expert advertising, blogs, social media posts, newsletter marketing and clients. You're staying so consistent with decent pay that you now have time to focus on personal & passive income projects; which will have a distribution platform waiting for you at the finish line. In short, partnering with us is like owning a Maserati but paying the loan price of a KIA.

*Note: A lot of the partnered talent we've been talking to already has existing celebrity or established clientele. This is great for you but since we likely won't get a penny from any of those jobs, the way we benefit is if you bring those clients to us and let us offer them even more top tier creative services from our other partnered artists. Any lead you generate for us that we gain income from, we'll put 5% of the total tab towards directly advertising your portfolio which not only directly benefits you, but strengthens the website and helps all get a little more traction in generating renown, interest, leads & positive reinforcement in the organization.

Community (Artist / Client / Producer)

Our organization solves problems from every perspective of the business trifecta.

*Although we will represent you for your works in hopes to acquire more work for you and help you grow as an artist, this is more a community organization than it is an "agency/management" company. This is a like-minded artist family and we are all here to help each other, not just ourselves. This must be a group effort or the Game-plan won't work to it's full potential, and that put's us back to square one -- being a solo freelancer "struggling to make ends meet".

The Producer = Any Investors' ROI is less risky with a team full of specialist creatives that can produce some of the highest quality content and a recognizable name = goldmine to an investor. It's much easier to get more projects made with a large roster of brilliant creative talents being showcased together on an easy to access website than an individual producer or production house with a few members representing them. 

Community = cREAtive Castle Studios infrastructure power is built around teamwork and the efforts we all put forth. Each person is an integral part of the game plan and by staying consistent with our ideals & objectives, everybody must chip in a little bit of effort. Our job as artists' is to create using the best of our abilities to help subjectively mold the world through perspective. Being able to communicate and befriend like-minded talent that think with similar mindsets, have similar objectives and high calibre talent levels is invaluable to reaching larger personal and team goals. Nobody makes it "to the top" without the help of others; and who is better to team up with than the brilliant specialist partners within our community? Teaming up with like minded individuals we all trust is a lot simpler than taking the time to gather a team for projects that may or may not happen to the best of their potential because timing & execution. We have the ability to access our own team members and assets to get the job done faster, more efficiently while saving incredible amounts of time and money. 

Showcase your talent with some of the finest creatives around will make your talent shine brighter, allow for more traffic to travel through to your portfolio and allow for easier packaging large projects both in house and externally. 

*Any talent that has exhibited any obvious egotistical behavior in the preliminary meetings has already been filtered out and will not have reached this point in the stage of potential partnership.

The Internet & Website Strength

It is imperative that the partnering talent understands where every single market is headed -- THE INTERNET! If you aren't aware, about 80% of all business is now currently done online. As a freelance artist, if you have your own brand/store/services you provide, you're likely not achieve your full potential online and it's seriously dog-eat-dog about who gets seen and who doesn't, who get's more sales or work and who doesn't. 

The internet IS the future. Those who know the language of “the internet” best will reap the most benefits.

Google, Yahoo, Bing & other search engines don't "trust the integrity" of websites that don't have enough traffic, built with simplicity, don't have external links pointing towards them, aren't consistently being promoted and have limited SEO (Search Engine Optimization) among hundreds of other aspects. If your site is not being seen on the first page of search engines, there's about an 80% chance it will only get seen if you physically direct someone to the page or have advertising or a marketer. Most freelance artists we've talked to have no clue about all the possibilies it takes to rank up a website to show up various ways on the first page of search engines. Most will never achieve this status in their lifetimes -- there is just too much competition that fully understands the marketing & digital world. Whoever gets to these top searches have either been there and will hold this prime status "forever" because they fully understand every aspect it took to get there and go there faster using the original SEO & keywords and since they generated first interest, their content is so viral that hundreds to thousands or more external links are linking directly to their site. So if you are a similar site offering similar services, good luck ever getting seen in that manner because your competition is too fierce. 

Through our platform, we look directly into the the studies it takes to reach these levels of internet awareness and customize our approach to ranking up the website. The more traffic the website is generating through blog, social media posts, SEO, advertising, sales, word of mouth, SEM, etc... the faster the website will rank up. The sooner the site ranks up, the more chance we have (as a collective) to reach our full potential faster and gain the exposure and renown we need to complete larger scale projects.

Other large production companies haven't quite figured out the full algorithms to approaching the internet because their business plans are molded around old-school marketing tactics and they have reluctantly have moved towards the internet. They're "confused" and that's great for us because our game-plan is FIRST molded around the internet and blended with the old-school marketing tactics. Our moment comes from the power of the website so every single piece of this game plan is molded around how to generate more interest and power of this website so we can show up just about anywhere in any country at any time when the large production companies are looking past this "nickel & dime" approach for large scale productions only. We'll be able to access every corner of the internet to achieve our own goals faster than these other companies because with the internet, we have freedom of speech & freedom of marketing & management control. In the physical realm, it's all about who has the most clout, money & connections. We'll, with the internet we have access to hundreds of billions of people worldwide without needing to ask a studio to "take us under their wing" for a fraction of the income we will achieve on a long term goal. (IE An artist may get $100K up front to do your next Directing gig with a studio and see no % points on the backend and may have to hire a lawyer to try to get it back and not even have creative control or with us, you may only get $25K up front but in the long run over years time, you may see the residual income of $250K come in.)