A Welcoming Interview with New Partnered Talent:

Kyle Oblivion

We'd love to share an interview with you about our new amazing partnered talent, Kyle Oblivion, an audio mastering specialist originally from Oregon but now living in Los Angeles.

Where did you grow up?: Bradford, PA

When/How did you know you wanted to be an artist?: 

When I was eleven I decided, I can still remember making the statement to my family.

How long have you been a professional artist?: Since 2003

What/Who are some of the inspirations for your art?: Joe Meek
Bob Dylan
Soul Wax
Mr. Oizo
Mamas and the papas

Why are you an artist? Did you seek it or did it find you?: 

It was both, my mom was the first person who introduced me to the artist concept and I accepted it as a way that was an interesting and for me a comfortable way to live.

Name as many words as you can that describe you, your personality or your work ethic.: 

I really enjoy what I do and i like to immerse myself in a project and get the details right.

What are your specialty skills in the field(s) of work you are in?: 

Mixing and mastering primarily mastering.

What are your personal goals now and in the future as an artist?: 

My personal goals at the moment are to gain new connections to other artists of like mind and help them to insure their project succeeds on the technical levels. I also am working on my own personal projects as a songwriter as well. 

For the future I'd really like to continue developing what I do now as an engineer pushing the boundaries of the equipment and discovering its true capabilities.

What are some of your most prestigious honors, awards, achievements and renown clients?: 

My experience has primarily been with independent artists, but have worked with many varieties of musicians.

What's the biggest misconception other people have of artists in your field(s) of expertise?: 

There are some misconceptions about the actual nature of an audio engineer, and what it means to be one. I feel that I'm part of a lineage and my constant studying and marching forward it's my duty. We work in the shadows of of an industry that was very dedicated to engineering that ensured the best sonic outcome, taking all the measures in a perfect order to create something of superior quality. My goals in the work I do are a reflection of that philosophy.

Tell us a little about how you like to work. (Alone, with others, in phases, details, etc...): 

I truly enjoy working as part of a team meanwhile still retaining some autonomy is important to my own process to be able to work on things in my own way often times yields the best results.

Why is it important for you to be a freelance artist other than a commercial artist?: 

Freelancing has always been how I've worked and is increasingly the most stable form of work for me.

What software / equipment do you work with and for how long have you used it?: 

Ableton live 9 is primarily my go to audio production and engineering tool. I've been using it for about 7 years now.

How did you learn to do what you do?: 

I have an associates degree in music and am naturally a technical person so over time I've had new and exciting experiences that have compiled into the total of who I am. Not to mention that I've had some great teachers along the way.

Name as many words as you can that describe you, your personality or your work ethic.: Knowledgable

Why are you better suited to work with (a particular client) rather than someone else of the same field of expertise?:

 My skills work well with any genre and so I think I'd be suited to work on projects of all stature.


Check out his profile and listen to some of his work by clicking HERE.