A Welcoming Interview with New Partnered Talent:

Juan S. Piana

We'd love to share an interview with you about our new amazing partnered talent, Juan S. Piana, a CG render and animated artists originally from Ecuador and now living in Atlanta, GA. 

CCS: Where & how did you grow up? How do you think this affected you on your journey towards being an artist?: 

JSS: I was born and raised in a big tropical city in Ecuador called Guayaquil. I come from a different culture which gives me a very different view on the world.

CCS: When/How did you know you wanted to be an artist?: 

JSS: It just came to me, I never intended to become one. It all started when I first picked up a guitar when I was 13, I felt fascinated by what was behind the scenes on making music so I started recording. This effect translated instantly into graphic design when I was taught 2D art in school, I started making weird abstract which led me to pickup 3D software. I found that I loved giving life to that the ideas that were on my head, especially if people could relate to it.

I love art in any form, and I've played around in every area. More in some than others. I want to become an expert in all of them.

CCS: How long have you been a professional artist?: 

JSS: Around two years, I'm relatively new as a professional but have been doing it out of pure passion since I picked up that guitar.

A few snippets of work by Juan

CCS: What/Who are some of the inspirations for you and your art? Did this help guide you to where you are today?: 

JSS: Justin Maller was the guy that made me say "Wow, that's amazing, I want to do that". He's an amazing digital artist. Then I ran into Beeple, who amazes me every day. These two artist where my main source of inspiration, I learned by trying to recreate their stuff and then applying what I learned to my own creations.

CCS: What are your specialty skills in the field(s) of work you are in? Why do you enjoy them the most?:

JSS: 3D rendering, logo design, 2D animations, graphic design in general, photo editing and music productions/sound design.

I absolutely love all of them, even though I'm more proficient at 3D rendering.

CCS: What are your personal goals now and in the future as an artist?: 

JSS: Right now I want to expand my art conceptually. Generate more ideas and meet new people. My long term goal is to have my own "Art" studio, which is going to have a design, music, photography and films studio all in one. I want to make all of your ideas come true.

CCS: What are some of your most prestigious honors, awards, achievements and renown clients?: 

JSS: I've mostly done art for growing musicians like Plási, Thomas Hayden, Tres Dedos, Tilo, Harrastronauts, Smilo and Boom.

CCS: What's the biggest misconception other people have of artists in your field(s) of expertise?: 

JSS: I don't think there's a big misconception about 3D rendering. People tend to not understand how it's done so they really appreciate it. I've gotten so many "Dude! How the hell do you do those? Are you on acid?", which really humor me.

CCS: Tell us a little about how you like to work. (Alone, with others, in phases, details, etc...): 

JSS: I work alone, on my computer, wherever I am. I love it. I work at my own pace but of always get the job done when needed, of course. Rendering takes a lot of time because you have to test if the textures, lighting and compositions are working before you do a final render which can take hours (even days sometimes) to finish. So there's a constant monitoring of the process on my side to ensure the client's satisfaction.

CCS: Why is it important for you to be a freelance artist other than a commercial artist?: 

JSS: Because I want the freedom to work at my own pace, It keeps my ideas fresh and healthy.

CCS: What software / equipment do you work with and for how long have you used it?: 

JSS: I use most of the Adobe Creative Suite, and several 3D modeling and rendering software.

CCS: How do you feel about the current state of the entertainment economy? What do you think you can personally do to bring something to the table?: 

JSS: I think the industry tends to overdo things to squish the last penny they can from ideas that may not be worth to do so. I'm going to innovate and express myself with passion, that's what all of this is about.

CCS: What do you hope to achieve with your art form other than just making income?: 

JSS: Meet new people, make your ideas come to life and see the excitement on your face. Travel, learn and of course have a lot of fun.

CCS: How did you learn to do what you do?: 

JSS: I am an Industrial Design major at Georgia Tech. I was taught the very basics of rendering, but oriented towards product visualization. I then taught myself how to do organic shapes and more dramatic/cinematic compositions. It's all about moving stuff around to have those "wow" moments and learning from them.

CCS: Why are you better suited to work with (a particular client) rather than someone else of the same field of expertise?: 

JSS: I will have a constant and healthy conversation with you through every step of the process to ensure that the result is even better that what you thought it would be in the end. I'm here to innovate, so I will propose new crazy alternatives to what you have in mind, but I will never go through with it unless you are happy with it. I'm not done with any piece of art until you are satisfied.

CCS: Anything else you'd like to add?: 

JSS: I am very excited to make your ideas come to life!

CCS: Thanks for the amazing interview and can't wait to get your work out there!

Visit Juan S. Piana's Portfolio Here

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