This logo we had made as a sample but it might actually work for a stepping stone to the final logo, however this is not required if something more creative, clever and innovative comes along. Also love the 3D look and feel (although not required if it doesn't work, it doesn't work)

Perhaps instead of CC in bold text it could be with brush strokes? That seems more creative...

We like this logo because of its color tone and cleverness to what it is and how iconic it is. 

We like this logo because it has a sharp, elegant and memorable design and has a "fine art" approach to it.


We like how the color tone is imbued within this photo and has a creative vibe to it.

We love how iconic this logo is and how it has a clever "bullseye" imbued within it for a "picture within a picture" approach.

It does feel a bit "bland" however and looking for a bit more creative element. 

We love how this logo has a photo within a photo and is very clever and memorable. This is the exact style we hope to see in our logo. 

ccs logo large alt.jpg

This is what we're using as a logo placeholder.

ccs logo large bold letters red.png