Kyle Rea

Academics: 5 years professional photographer, self taught

Photographic Forté: Genre & Fantasy / People / cREAtively rare subject matters

Highlights: Multi-Publshed and Award Winning  Photographer, 17 years customer service

Specializes in:

Photography (Portraits, Fashion, Events, People, Genre, Abstract, Fine-Art, Editorial, Fashion, Photojournalism, Landscape, Anything out of the Ordinary)

Also specializes in:

Business (Producing, Websites, Brand Development, Marketing, Social Media Development & Branding)

Actor Services (Headshots, Reels, Auditions, Slates, Demos, Websites, Marketing

Software (Adobe Lightroom, Final Cut X, Final Draft, MS Word, Squarespace, Wix and dabbling in Adobe Photoshop)

Kyle Rea - David Archer Photography


Past Events


Chocolate & Art Show - Hand Selected Artist - February 5, 2014

KGB Studios - 1640 N. Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012


RAW Artists: RAW Awards - Founder's Favorite - January 19, 2014

Exchange LA - 618 S Spring St., Los Angeles, CA 90028


RAW Artists: Generation - March 10, 2013

The El Rey Theater - 5515 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Founder's Favorite 2013 - RAW Artists hosts hundred's of events each year across the world seeking some of the best indie artists to showcase their wonderful work with the world. Kyle was recently hand picked by the Founder of RAW to showcase at the Awards show.


Fetfan - June 2013, E-Zine & Physical Print

The Horrorzine - February 2013, E-Zine (Jeani Rector - Editor)

The Horrorzine July 2012, E-Zine (Jeani Rector - Editor) 

Kyle Rea Photography - The Horrorzine Publication


ALS Awareness Boxing Charity - 8/24/2014 (Watch Video - Click Here)

Knappa School's Foundation Auction - 2/8/2014 (Four donated fine-art prints)

Kyle Rea Photography - Knappa Schools Charity Foundation


The Man in 3B - Feature Film, (Based off a New York Times Best Selling Novel) - 2013


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