Hello New Creative Partner!
Below is information we need from you to get you up and running!

Please contact us after filling out each document so we can go over them with you and ensure were all on the same page. If you have any questions along the way, please contact us at info@creativecastlestudios.com 

New Partnership Survey

(Please fill out this info because it will allow use to keep this on file to refer back to your needs as we seek work for you in the future.)
Approximately 10-15 Minutes

Please CLICK HERE to visit the Personal Info Questionnaire

New Partnership Assets Checklist

(What we need from you to get your portfolio online)

Please Download this Form

New Partnership Q&A

(Please fill out this form as eloquently as possible so we can use this exact information to showcase you in our welcoming blog about you and your services! It will talk about you, your talents, where you came from, how you got here, what you like, etc...)
Approximately 15-30 Minutes

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Download a Proposal Form

This is the proposal form you can use to fill out when a new potential client needs a proposal. Please ONLY TYPE the info you need! Attached is a .Doc version (MS Word) so you can make changes if needed. If you want to write on the actual document, a .PDF version is also attached (Adobe).