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Partnership Questions & Answers

cREAtive Castle Studios' sole objectives are to HELP creative specialists' REACH their FULL POTENTIAL CREATIVELY & FINANCIALLY, by saving them immeasurable time & money in marketing & promotions. We also Help clients find creative talent faster And by using our network, we can develop in house projects that can be distributed independently with unlimited creative control. 

1) Why should partner with cREAtive Castle Studios?


  • We strategize and test our whole marketing approach and fine-tune for highest conversion
  • We'll create a blog around your knowledge and experience linking directly to your portfolio
  • We'll create advertisements for you around your specific type of work.
  • We'll seek freelance work for you. 
  • We'll pitch you to other industry professionals to build connections.
  • We can produce and package products for sale around your skills & knowledge (passive income)
  • We'll headline your work in newsletters & blogs to our client/email lists
  • We'll promote you to known bloggers for awareness


  • We'll Distribute your digital & physical work through the site using packaging from partnered artists & companies
  • We'll negotiate higher rates (if applicable) for you 
  • You'll earn royalties through the ads placed on your content
  • We'll license, stream and rent your digital work via our distribution channel
  • We can produce all original content in house (per project rates, % points, residuals)
  • We can negotiate public appearances if needed
  • Earn income via E-Books, Workshops & Training based on your skills (create in house)


  • You'll always get credited for your work!
  • You have creative control for in house projects
  • You'll have your own portfolio with only the best of your work, with custom URL 
  • We'll consistently promote you on all social media platforms
  • We can produce and package products based specifically off your set of skills (Executive Producer)
  • We'll have community events where we can all network, make connections and keep the ball rolling
  • Offers community assets at your disposal (per project basis)

2) What's the Game-plan?

Phase 1 = Gather talent, put works on roster & immediately find leads for talent. This will take some time and it's likely that "large scale jobs" will not become available to us as easily until a full roster is in place. As the name of the organization grows, so does the benefits of the partnered talents with it. 

Phase 2 = Marketing, Promote & Advertise Talent for services & third party packaging of talent for financed projects. It's not wise for us to invest any more out of pocket monies or time into large scale advertising or promotions until there is a full, well-rounded roster of talent so that each lead we gain will have the potential to keep their attention, package larger deals and raise awareness in all categories of our art forms instead of just a few. Larger scale projects will start to trickle in more. 

Phase 3 = Develop the production team for packaging & create passive income opportunities for our talent. Once our talent is fully staffed, not only will we be looking for freelance job leads, but we'll bring in the right production team members to help develop projects in house (and package deals with third party production companies). The organization will start to be received in an established, positive manner, which will create more appreciation, renown and job leads. 

Phase 4 = Develop our Streaming Services, E-Commerce Store, Placement, Licensing & Leasing. This is where the passive income starts to come in. As we gain more talented partners, a lot of the artists will have completed arts they want to earn monies from while they are working their next commissions. We'll use our platform to help you sell, lease, license, find placement for, rent or train others. Once the works are completed, all we have to do is push the content online and allow the people to pay as you reap the benefits. 

Phase 5 = Develop & package our own products & large scale productions (in house, third party, crowd-funding, investors, EP our own project with our finances). Our name will be emerging and it will be much simpler to produce our own art using all the talents on board without having to ask or "beg" the larger companies, organizations or Executive Producers that are used to doing business their own way (which generally don't benefit the artist), and we can instead use our name to ask the fans or investors that believe in our message, approach and talents to the industry to propel ourselves in the large scale production market. We won't just focus on TV & Film, but also Web-Series, Graphic Novels, Comic Books, Music Albums, Music Videos, Anime, etc... and distribute these projects on our platform with a fairness distribution agreement. 

The long term goal won't happen "over night", but look at the future -- we will maintain 100% CREATIVE CONTROL the whole way. This will counteract the "modern system" which generally doesn't allow the artist or their point of view to thrive in today's market place. Each project we make will be made for the fans first, which has a far better chance at guaranteeing success than how art is currently being processed & marketed by the larger scale production houses. Just be patient. As long as your portfolio is online you will immediately gain instant advantages and will be part of the foundation of this constantly growing. 

Let's give the fans WHAT THEY WANT and not "safe-bet" cookie cutter formulas with the same exact model for each product that people are obviously sick and tired of. Art is meant to be daring & free. Freelancers have become a commodity, retaining less and less creative control over their art and getting paid a fraction of what they deserve. 

3) Why is it important to consistently engage in your audience online?

Should be self explanatory. By yourself, your long term goals seem longer than with a team of specialists having your back. The more promotion, press & buzz happening around the community to a name they can easily recognize (cREAtive Castle Studios) will generate more talk. Using our strategies for expanding our social media network, we'll inevitably increase our leads and sales as well. If one person is forced to do all the work, they can only reach so far. With everybody chipping in a fraction of the workload, we can achieve higher tier goals a lot faster and still reap the same benefits of controlling our own creative content.

An example of a freelancer doing their own promo and marketing to try to get their work seen vs a trained organization doing the same thing.

An example on our estimate



4) Can you guarantee me work?

Nobody can guarantee you work but you. What we WILL do is allow our expert team of online marketers help you maximize your full potential to save you invaluable time and money. You will always have the choice to accept or decline any job offer you are approached with. 

5) How will I make money (pay my bills) by partnering with cREAtive Castle Studios?

1) Commissions (Each project is negotiated separately)
2) Sales of created art & content
3) Licensing, Streaming, Leasing, Renting, Subscriptions, Placement
4) Seminars / E-books / E-classes
5) Whatever else we can come up with that fits your goals / experience

Sky's the limit! Combining what you know with what we know; there's pretty much no solution we can't come up with in order to get your work out there, especially if it's on the internet. 

Here's an example of yearly projected earnings below based on a scale of what most freelancers make per year and what they may likely make if they stay consistent with their craft while partnered with us. 

Projected Estimated Earnings

6) How do Commissions work?

Depending on which Partnership agreement you choose, commissions vary.

Basic Partnership = Negotiated per partner, mainly celebrity artists + 5% (advertising straight to your portfolio)
Exclusive Partnership = 20% + 5% (advertising straight to your portfolio)
Non-Exclusive Partnership = 25% + 5% (advertising straight to your portfolio)

Performing artists must pay 10% to their Agent (lead finder) + 15% to their Manager (Lead finder, personal development) but neither of them use online marketing techniques and tactics to help maximize the potential earnings for their clients. They usually make the performing artist do all their social marketing & online promotions themselves. However, we DO the same thing they do but ALSO have experts working for you via online marketing. Think to yourself how much time & money (time is also money) that you spend doing online marketing, ads, etc... without getting the best bang for your buck. Now think about how your life will be different if you don't have to worry about any of that added stress.

*It's been brought to our attention that some artists think that the commissions are "too high" or the 5% advertising benefits only us and we want to bring to light this scenario. For non-exclusive partners, you're welcome to work your own leads as much as you want which may inevitably keep you busy for months or even years! Especially if you make a name for yourself. Meanwhile, we'll still be promoting and marketing you to our full abilities. In a typical agreement with a manager/agent, they'd make you sign an exclusive deal with them which means you would be paying them off EVERY lead whether you gained it or they did, but the fee's would be about the same as what we think would be fair (20%-25%). You may sign with an established agency, but do they have your best interests at heart? Or do they just want to use you for your talents and make a quick buck? Do they have a SOLID GRASP of utilizing each and every individual aspect of the internet to maximize your exposure or long term ideals? Probably not.

As for the 5% advertising that we currently use from each job we gain for our partnered artists, some artists have expressed that this benefits us and it's our organization, but not theirs, so why "milk the artist for their hard earned cash?" If you're a freelance artist and you need to find your next gig or want more exposure, what do you do? Advertise. Face it, you're also a business and a business will not be known unless it advertises. If you want to advertise yourself with your hard earned cash from the job, that's totally fine, but with our expertise, our 5% will likely go further than your 20% advertising investment because we know the internet like you know the back of your hand. Not only will each 5% go to your direct portfolio, but it also strengthens the website, which is THE KEY to the organization you represent, maintaining a name, generating more leads by viewers and clients and benefitting you more than you could potentially benefit yourself. If only two people are putting in 5% advertising into their portfolio and another 20 aren't, then it's unfair to them because you're gaining potential leads based off their approval to advertising themselves by potential clients that may click to your works and hire you.

The whole idea of this is, if you believe in the values and morals of this organization and see the benefits of what advertising will do directly for you as well as the organization, then this idea should be a no brainer. We already mentioned multiple times, we want to partner with you for life, which means you gain the benefits of our approach to helping you succeed the way you want to, with the ideals that we're mutually agreed upon, then why wouldn't you want to help your "family" help you? If you perhaps feel like this only benefits us because you can "leave at any time", then this is not teamwork, in our perception. If we don't advertise, we don't get seen and if we don't get seen, nobody knows us and if nobody knows us, then our chances for having a name that people recognize is much slimmer and if that's the case, our job leads will be a fraction of what they could & should be. 

In short: Although we represent you for your works in hopes to acquire more work for you and help you grow as an artist, this is more an organization than it is an "agency/management" company. This is an artist family and we are all here to help each other, not just ourselves. This must be a group effort or the Game-plan  won't work to it's full potential, and that put's us back to square one. 

*If for some reason, you still don't agree with this, perhaps we can come up with an alternative solution to helping us market you better, such as providing your services to create videos, ads, flyers, pitching materials, etc... which directly helps you and the organization grow aka "barter system". We want to avoid having to pay out any third party for materials we need to help grow but we aren't asking you to work for "free". We've definitely got your back so we'd love it if you got ours.

7) Why not use a platform specific to my creative field to find work?

Using other platforms such as (,,, allows you to find your own work, yes, but it also creates a competition for you and the other talent seeking the same position. It will also take time to hunt and peck through these postings. Plus you have to see if they are legit and have to negotiate your own terms and not get "screwed" in the process. 

We don't create competition for any of our partnered artists; rather a selection of choices for a client with the benefits of a production house & distribution channel as well as a community of like minded individuals in which you may tap into the networks assets. 

8) How is your "Production company" any different than other production companies? Manager/Agent? Distribution?

Fist off, we're a community/organization; we're not managers and we're not Agents! An Agent cannot distribute content and a manager just helps develop, mold you in the arts and help gain you connections and some work. We do ALL that AND we also do your marketing for you, but you always have a right to accept or decline an offer. Based on a non-exclusive agreement, we also don't get any profits from your own leads.  We also allow you to network within our organization to create content with our assets and distribute it with full creative control. Each job is negotiated per project to ensure full equal benefits to all involved pertaining to workload. 

They don't really manage the whole aspect of content creation in house but outsource all their work which costs more and usually has too many chef's in the kitchen to allow full creative control in most aspects. Or the ease of getting the right investors to allow full creative control or distributors even, gets a little trickier. A typical Production company mainly develops & produces projects and has third party distributors that generally offer unequal payouts because that's how it's always been... So it's like a dry hamburger people ate for years. Not so tasty and pretty boring flavor, until ketchup came around... 

Netflix, Amazon, HBO Go, Hulu & Crackle all have something in common. They all have TV/Episodic series, Feature Films and other large scale digital products for showcase. But what about Music Videos, Short Films, Anime, Comic Books, E-Workshops, Music.... that is all scattered here and there in "needle-in-a-haystack" platforms? The platform designers are banking big, but what about the artist? Maybe a few bucks are earned here and there from advertising but no real income on small projects. Most people are now paying for up to ten different platforms so they can get all the content, but those platforms are also constantly raising their costs in competition of one another. We can provide all types of creative content one platform and have full creative control over it and monetize on items and assets that are sitting around that may have cost you a pretty penny or large amount of time creating. 

"You're trying to do too much. I've heard about similar organizations that tried this same method and failed. What you're claiming you''ll do is not the way films or projects are made..."

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong! There's ALWAYS room for new, better & more effective methods to anything. That mentality is being creative itself! Every master knows that you must learn the rules to break the rules. And only break the rules if there is something to evolve or make better from breaking the rules. Sure, other people may have tried to have an "all-in-one" production house, but how many did so with a "quality-first" mindset, fully understood each division of artistry they represent and also fully understood marketing, advertising & social media but ALSO have the passion and vision to make it happen? Anybody can follow all the guidelines taught to them by another, but without that extra passion, vision and dedication with a forward evolving approach, it is completely possible, as long as everybody does their part to maintain the integrity of the infrastructure. Without teamwork, persistence and dedication, this may not reach it's full potential. As long as we all think with a "solution first" mindset, everything will play out perfectly.

Quality + Consistency + Engaging + Creative + Problem Solving + Do it for yourself & the Fans = Mission Accomplished!

9) What happens if I'm partnered with you and refer a client(s) to you? 

Our goal is to maximize the dollar and efforts put out by the team and partners. So instead of paying you cash from every referral you get, we'll put aside 10% referral credit of any job you get us towards an advertising campaign leading directly to your portfolio. Not only will it build the strength and character of your own arts, but help the site build power in Site Search & Google Rankings. Win-Win situation.

10) What happens if you find me work and later on, the client wants to work with me again but I'm no longer a part of your organization? How about all my existing clients I have?

Let's be perfectly clear, we want you partnered with us for LIFE! Any assets we provide you or jobs gained while partnered with this organization, stay with us for life even if you decide for some odd reason you'd like to leave. If we book you a Johnny Depp shoot and you leave the partnership and then he wants to shoot with you again but we negotiated all the terms and kept him happy, well, we feel we deserve future commissions for doing the work to gain you that job. Be a friend, we pat you on the back, you pat our backs in return.

As far as your existing clients that you already have established before partnering with us, they're all you (unless you're exclusively signed with us). 

11) If I network with anybody within the organization, can I do it solo without your consent?

Any assets you utilize from within this organization stays within the organization. Yes, you have full creative control and rights, however, the terms must always be negotiated up front with the CEO / Partnering Producer of the organization on an equal rights terms. We want to help you create as much content as possible! But we provide a lot of services for the community up front for no forward monetary gain other than commissions. I.E. Would you ask a Barber to borrow their hair snippers and have the front desk cut your friends hair for you without paying the barbershop a fee for their equipment and talent?

12) Why haven't you taken out a loan or equity investment in order to get the distribution platform or other services up and running?

That requires a large investment return, interest rates or board seats within the organization. We don't want to gain a large debt and have to dig out of that hole for years which can do terrible things to a "new business". We won't offer up any board seats to outside investors because they usually don't have 100% creative control allowance for the other members and then cycle out the original game-plan of the organization -- creative control. This also means we will not accept umbrella investments from larger organizations trying to expand their empires, then we're only as good as the cookie cutter mentality because we won't have the choice to be otherwise. 

We've already invested over 6 figures income worth of study, time, effort and liquid assets into creating this organization for you just to get this far (based out of pocket funds). It will continue to cost considerable time, efforts and investment to reach our organization's full potential. If you build it, they will come.

Our ultimate objectives will not happen "over night".

Please realize, in the meantime in order to grow a collaboration/org/business there must be income that goes to the labor of maintenance as well as fees included in programs, marketing and advertising we're spending to grow the community. Where's the money going to come from until we have enough income coming in and the system is steady? We all need to pitch in for this to work. The weakest link of the chain can crumble the whole infrastructure so we must all contribute for it to be maintained with the thought in mind of growth. 

Once a month every artist must contribute an informative blog which has something to do with their field of expertise. This will not only prove your skill to the reader/potential client but will draw interest from viewers and this will lead them straight to your profile and the website. Each interested person is a potential referral away from a commission/sale/income. Blogs have the ability to drive 20%-30% more traffic to a website based on consistency, information and interest. It would be great if all the partners were constantly promoting their work straight to their profiles on social media, business cards, word of mouth, however they can. 

We'll be integrating new systems which will cost monthly fees after the roster is set in which case we'll all need to donate some time or money to this effort. We'll need to have a schedule system where partners can show their availability and we'll need an online referral system, social media planning program, etc... This is the only way for growth online. Heavy marketing for as cheap as possible with systems that cost a little bit each month. There are other costs as well such as creating your profile, photography, marketing, updates and maintenance, scheduling system, newsletters, blogs, referral system, equipment growth, advertising, utilities, etc... You get the picture. It's not cheap to run this thing and nobody can do it alone. It's definitely a full time job and then some and the only way to expand is to have more people working on the marketing and network side and that will also cost $ so this is the only way. 

Through your contributions, you're only helping yourself create 10,000% more opportunity, but building brand identity & website power

Below you'll see the options we provide for partnership which essentially is the exact same thing as marketing yourself except its on a site with other artists, yet we'll treat all the advertising and marketing the same as if it was your own site. We're essentially saving you TONS of time looking for work, networking, advertising and negotiating higher rates. We have the distribution platform for you at your disposal and the assets to allow you to 

Feel fee to personally ask us any other reasonable questions you may have. We'd love to help you reach a full understanding!

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